3G Dual SIM Router

3G Dual Sim Router

Ideal for the yacht business, this router takes two SIM cards and switches automatically from one to the other. It is a robust device in use on buses and trains to provide WIFI networks and can be used the same way on a yacht. With the primary and standby SIM function, yachts travelling between Italy and France, France and Spain, etc, can quickly and automatically keep internet access without the need for extra devices or SIM card swaps. 

When used in conjunction with eDSC and eXTEND 3G booster, vessels can also use it as a backup to VSAT giving genuine cover far from shore, or indeed, as an alternative to VSAT in the first place. 

Now for the technical stuff! The configuration is done via web browser with password protection. The router supports the creation of VPN tunnels using IPsec, OpenVPN and L2TP to ensure secure communication. The web interface provides detailed statistics about the 3G router activities, signal strength, detailed traffic log, et. The router supports DHCP, NAT, NAT-T, DynDNS, NTP, VRRP, SMS control and other functions.

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