IT Support

We operate since 19XX and are specialized in support, delivery and  problem solving on any vessel. We also provide you with full presales and aftersales support.
With our certified special trained team we are possible do provide you comprehensive IT solutions on your vessel. We can solve any problem you may have from hardware malfuncitons, computer crashes, viruses to network configuration and multimeda implementation.
You want to have the latest technology on board? No problem! Call us and we will make it happen!
We are fast and thorough. We guarante 100% satisfaction!

Problems with a network? Internet not working?

No problem, we can configure your network and even make it better with optimizing its performance!
We can connect any network device, attach printers, configure NAS storage devices, servers and clients.

Got a virus? Worried about safety?

No worries to be concerned. We can remove any virus threats and provide you with best possible safety solution! We can integrate best safety equipment for virus protection, firewalls and any other forms of internet hacks.

Your computer crashed? Operating system is not booting? You are worried about data loss?

We have a lot of knowledge about operating systems. We can recover and backup your data, diagnose problems, repair any malfunctions, optimize its performance and even do preventive system checks.

Hardware malfunciton?

We are partners with all leading brands and can provide you with support, repair or hardware replacement.

Backup? Data recovery?

We can provide you with the best possible backup solutions. We can integrate, configure and provide you with best possible solutions for data backup.                                                      
With our hardware knowledge, we have very high percent rate of successful data recovery and therehow save you time and money.

Hardware replacement, upgrade…

We can do complete system check on your vessel and provide you with best and optimum upgrade possible. We can also discover any possibilites prior hardware malfunction and save you from data loss and system malfunctions.   
We can provide, integrate and configure any computer hardware, network device, printers, tablets  and PC you would like, with competitive prices.

Software configuration

We are familiar with all applications on the market. We can offer you a full support, install and configuration of any desired programs and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Where are we?

We are based in Marina Mandalina, Šibenik. We cover all the Adriatic region area and even all accross Mediteranean if needed. We come on board and solve all your problems you might have. We are discrete and trustworthy.
We also provide you with worldwide support. We can connect remotely to your yacht and solve critical problems, save you time and money.